I’m an idealist and am committed to the intangible and intuitive aspects of art. Through the things I make, I give people some insight into how I see. I create room-sized installations made up of ceramic vessels, self-portraits, neon signs, and furniture from my home. Each object is important in the narrative and is used to convey a feeling. I am interested in the way clay becomes an object and how the piece evolves over several days out of necessity for drying. Within this time the piece can change direction and I find paying attention during these moments is integral to the development of the work. I use tableau to subvert and rewrite stories concerning gender, sexuality, and embarrassment. My work is autobiographical. If something silly is happening it goes into the work, if I’m struggling it goes into the work. For me, the physical gesture I give to the pieces is the most direct way of translating interior feelings into external expression. I make to uncover truth(s). My work continues as a meditation on life, loss and all the minutia that happens in between. 

                                                                      -Joanna Powell